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Currently, there are no vaccinations required to enter Colombia. However, Colombian authorities will require the yellow fever vaccine if you are going to visit tourist sites such as the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta National Park, the Tayrona Park and the different reserves of the Amazon. Remember that this vaccine must be applied at least 10 days before travelling to these destinations.

Medications and health services

If you take medications, it is essential that you always carry your prescription with you to purchase them at a pharmacy or drugstore. Also remember to have on hand all documentation related to any special health condition that should be taken into account in case of emergency.

Likewise, we highly recommend that, before traveling to the country, you purchase international medical insurance in case you need medical attention.

It is also very important that, in any part of the country, regardless of the weather, you use sunscreen and stay well hydrated. Keep in mind that in some areas it is best to buy bottled mineral water. You will have no problem in acquiring it in local stores.

Finally, if you are allergic to any food, always ask about the ingredients used in the preparation of what you are going to eat.